The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is taking a page out of David Roberts’ book by railing on the U.S. Senate to pass the clean energy jobs bill in this celebri-full video. It formally launches a new video advocacy campaign called This is Our Moment, which is banking on the pure pop-sexiness of stars like Chace Crawford to push the populace toward climate politickin’. They even get Chace to gossip to girls and guys about the senators saying “there’s still time to sit on our ass and wait.” At the same time, Jason Bateman scolds senators for the arrested development of the bill: “If our senators stand up (use a cane if you need to, sir).”

That’s nothing to say of the titanic encouragement from Leonardo DiCaprio, the desperate-for-change call from Felicity Huffman, the clean-energy-Macking of Justin Long, and the hulking green efforts of Ed Norton, among others, in this video.

The stellar call to action asks viewers to create and upload their own video — right this red-hot minute — as well as email their senators directly from the video player in favor of a clean and independent energy economy.

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