Yes Man in New YorkYes Man Andy Bichlbaum was in no shape for a trip to Bolivia, so a new guy made the trip.ScreengrabPrankster duo the The Yes Men sent an intern to the “people’s” climate summit in Bolivia last month, and he made a pretty entertaining video. The alternative conference, led by Bolivian President Evo Morales, skewed toward the global down-with-capitalism crowd and doesn’t have any direct bearing on U.N. climate negotiations. I’ll let others argue whether or not it has indirect bearing.

At any rate, intern “Jeff Hobart” gives an account of the tone and appearance of the gathering.

Sample quote: “My son, you are sacred. You have to become a tree. Turn yourself into a tree. Sit in one place for seven days and seven nights and you will understand. Because you are a tree of life.”

This is basically what John Kerry had to say in Copenhagen, if I remember correctly.

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And does Hobart try to pick up Naomi Klein around the five-minute mark?

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