• Prop 23REJECTED
    Would have suspended implementation of the state’s landmark climate bill, AB 32.
       This was the most important environment-related ballot initiative in the country this election. Environmentalists are psyched it’s been defeated. Read more.
  • Prop 25APPROVED
    Will require a simple majority instead of a two-thirds vote of the legislature to pass budgets and budget-related legislation.
       This will help fix the state’s legendary budget deadlock. The environmental community supported the measure. Chevron donated to defeat it.
  • Prop 26APPROVED
    Will require that certain state and local fees and taxes be approved by two-thirds vote.
       It may sound boring, but Jean Ross of the California Budget Project said “Prop 26 is the Polluters Protection Act of 2010.” Accordingly, Chevron gave big bucks to the Yes on 26 campaign.
  • Prop 21REJECTED
    Would have increased vehicle license fees to fund state parks and wildlife programs.
       Learn more from the Yes on 21 campaign.
  • Prop 22APPROVED
    Will prohibit the state from borrowing or taking funds used for transportation, redevelopment, or local government projects and services.
       The Yes on 22 campaign argues that the measure will protect funding for public transit, parks, and other important local services.
  • Prop 19REJECTED
    Would have legalized marijuana.
       This would have let Californians grow their own local, organic pot.


  • Amendment 4APPROVED
    Will authorize multiyear state contracts for energy efficiency and conservation projects.
       Learn more from the Yes to Amendment 4 campaign.


  • Measure 1APPROVED
    Will create a dedicated trust fund to improve water quality, protect wildlife habitat, reduce soil erosion, and create parks and trails.
       Learn more from the Associated Press.


  • Question 3APPROVED
    Will issue a $9,750,000 bond to invest in land conservation and working waterfront preservation and to preserve parks, to be matched by $9,250,000 in federal and other funds.


  • Measure 76APPROVED
    Will continue lottery funding for parks, beaches, wildlife habitat, and watershed protection beyond 2014.
       Learn more from the Yes on 76 campaign.

Rhode Island

  • Question 4APPROVED
    Will purchase and preserve coastal lands bordering Narragansett Bay.
       Learn more from the Providence Journal. The measure was endorsed by the state Sierra Club as well as politicians and civic groups across the political spectrum.


  • Referred Bill 52REJECTED
    Would have authorized $505 million bonds to finance energy-efficiency projects in public schools and higher-education buildings, and continued the sales tax on bottled water that is set to expire in 2013.
       Washington Conservation Voters supported the measure. Learn more from the Approve Ref. 52 campaign.

Were there important environment-related ballot initiatives in your state? Tell us in comments below.