The Moon BounceThe “Regulation Reality Tour” moon bounce.Cross-posted from the Wonk Room.

Koch Industries, the privately owned industrial conglomerate, is using any available method to fight the enforcement of laws to limit its toxic pollution. This summer’s “Regulation Reality Tour,” produced by Koch’s grassroots marketing arm Americans for Prosperity (AFP), featured a “moon bounce in the shape of a SWAT car for children,” ostensibly symbolizing the boogeyman of Environmental Protection Agency “Carbon Cops.” “Let’s make sure we keep doing our part to ensure that our generation passes on to our children and grandchildren the same freedoms we enjoyed,” AFP cries, in protest of sewage overflow rules.

While AFP stokes fear in its Tea Party network about the supposed economic and libertarian disaster of reducing pollution, Koch’s lawyers and contractors flood the Obama administration with submissions challenging proposed rules so that it can keep pumping out pollution for free. Here are just a few of the health and environmental rules that Koch Industries and its many subsidiaries are challenging:

After eight years of inaction under the Bush presidency, the health and safety of the American public is now a higher priority than polluter profits — but Koch Industries and other industrial polluters are fighting tooth and nail, even if they have to poison our democracy to win.