Well, yesterday's elections ended with Stephen "Kyoto is a socialist plot" Harper and his Conservative cronies controlling a majority government, with Jack "Trustache" Layton and the New Democratic Party nipping at their heels. Canadian Twitter this morning sounds like U.S. Twitter would have sounded in 2004 if we'd had Twitter then. Oh, Canada, we're sorry — you can come crash on our couch! 

But there's one bright spot in the dark night up north: Canada's Green Party got its first member of Parliament elected. Elizabeth May will be promoting the party's vision of a green economy, which includes removing corporate subsidies and reducing Canadian emissions 30 percent below 1990 levels. It's doubtful she can get anything done all by herself, but the NDP opposition government is also in favor of reducing emissions, and the NDP on the whole is actually leftier than the Greens. Together maybe they can throw a wrench in Harper's plan to hobble the environment. (At least one Canadian climate hawk is already regrouping and strategizing.)