Most Americans are smart enough to think we should give this guy some tips.

For some completely inexplicable reason, the public is quite supportive of government programs that would help farmers adapt to climate change. It is almost like people enjoying eating food/not starving to death/having agriculture! From

Regardless of what those surveyed believe causes climate change, more than 65 percent of them support government assistance for farmers, said Scott Loveridge, MSU professor of agricultural, food and resource economics. …

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Aid for farmers can come in a number of forms. Some examples include addressing potential threats and opportunities related to climate change, securing more support for science-based crop projections, and finding and testing varieties and techniques that will perform well in the future, Loveridge added.

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Why does this support exist? Here is a Google search for “grist news drought” that might answer your question.

Actually, if you think about it, what’s remarkable about this study is that one-third of people don’t support helping farmers adapt. There are undoubtedly a few folks in the mix who would gladly remove the majority of the skin on their fingers and then hand-squeeze lemons for 40 straight hours rather than pay an additional penny in taxes. So let’s assume that’s like half of the objectors. Is it really the case then that 15 percent of Americans just flat out don’t want to do anything about climate change?

It reminds me of this video, which points out that, look, if we prepare for climate change and it doesn’t happen, that’s the best case scenario. It’s Pascal’s Wager, except that if it pays off, you don’t spend the last five minutes of your life crawling across a litter-strewn field digging at the dirt for a last few desiccated roots to chew. Fifteen percent of America: What’s your deal?

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If you prefer actual thoughtful arguments to evocative fear-mongering (lame!), read this piece about how the Farm Bill could provide some of the adaptation resources that two-thirds of our friends and neighbors support. One more helpful resource: Here is a link to a YouTube video that demonstrates how to build a cinder block wall. You will want to build this around your food supply, given that 15 percent of America will someday be beating down your door, gaunt and without any sense of irony.