lohandrinky01.jpgThe president who said “America is addicted to oil” now begs the Saudis for another fix. Like some binge-drinking, pill-popping starlet — is there any other kind? — the president is prostrate before his top foreign “dealer,” begging for more, even at the risk of public humiliation:

The Saudi oil minister, however, waited only a short time before announcing that oil prices would remain tied to market forces — a direct slap at Bush.

Wow! When even your dealer won’t sell you more, you have got a real problem.

Just one hour later, though, “President Bush made a private visit to Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah to again ask him to open the spigots.”

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That is like being turned down by your dealer and then desperately appealing directly to Pablo Escobar.


Anyone for rehab or, say, plug-in hybrids?

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