George P. Bush

Gage SkidmoreGeorge P. Bush — related to all those other Bushes, but Hispanic too!

George Prescott Bush has kicked off a campaign to run for Texas land commissioner next year. Haven’t heard much about this Bush? Just wait — you will. He’s the 36-year-old son of former Florida governor and 2016 presidential aspirant Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife Columba.

“A Spanish-speaking attorney and consultant based in Fort Worth, Bush is considered a rising star among conservative Hispanics, and his political pedigree is hard to match,” writes the Associated Press. As the nephew of former President George W. Bush and the grandson of more-former President George H.W. Bush, he’s got quite the dynasty behind him.

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In a campaign video set to aggressively swelling music, Bush notes that Texas’ land commissioner is responsible for “energy policy through the leases of our public oil and gas resources,” and declares, “As Texans, we recognize the need for safe and reliable energy produced right here in our Lone Star State.”

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Drill, baby Bush, drill!

How is George P. Bush expected to fare in the red, red state of Texas? From CNN:

A Texas conservative activist, who asked to remain anonymous so as to speak candidly, said the land commission post was a “slam dunk” for Bush.

“Remember, he supported [Tea Partier and now conservative U.S. senator] Ted Cruz early and took a risk there. He’s considered to be more conservative than his grandpa and uncle W. I doubt anyone will even pose a real challenge,” the activist said.

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More conservative than Dubyah? Watch out.