Pentagon Report Details Apocalyptic Climate Change Scenario

Major European cities are submerged and become uninhabitable. Famine spreads across the globe. Countries race to develop nuclear capabilities to fend off invaders seeking food and resources. China and India devolve into chaos. The U.S. becomes a large fortress to prevent an onslaught of millions of refugees. “Once again, warfare would define human life.” 1950s B movie? Wild-eyed leftist fantasy? No, this is a scenario described in a secret Pentagon report commissioned by legendary defense strategist and uber-hawk Andrew Marshall (dubbed “Yoda” by colleagues for his extensive experience and influence). The report on possible long-range effects of climate change, leaked to the media, is expected to seriously embarrass the Bush administration, which is still publicly skeptical of global warming, and it could influence the upcoming presidential election. While he was quick to clarify that the report described a worst-case scenario, not a prediction, one of the report’s authors, Doug Randall of the Global Business Network, got the heart of the matter: “It seems obvious that cutting the use of fossil fuels would be worthwhile.”