It’s no secret that American auto companies are working overtime to impede California’s ability to set its own tailpipe emission standards. They’ve had a few setbacks in court, but they’ve got the U.S. EPA in their back pocket — witness Johnson’s refusal to grant Cali’s waiver.

There’s been some talk recently about Congress overriding Johnson, so car companies are now doing a full-court lobbying press on Congress. Recently they briefed the so-called "Blue Dog" conservative House Democrats using this Powerpoint presentation (1.15 MB).

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It’s got all the standard tropes, including the frequently debunked but zombie-like "patchwork" argument. Take a look to get a sense of the state of play on the latest anti-Cali agitprop.

Auto companies want the House to use its global warming bill to preempt California standards, and as long as Dingell is the gatekeeper for that bill, they’ll have a friendly ear. Let’s hope Pelosi knows how to fight back.

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