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Brad Johnson over at Wonk Room acquired a copy of the EPA’s recommendations on regulating greenhouse-gas emissions that the White House has been trying so hard to hide.

The documents give you a good idea why: EPA officials concluded that the benefits of new, tougher standards “far outweigh their costs.” In fact, if gas prices stay in the range of $3.50 a gallon, “the net benefit to society could be in excess of $2 trillion” through 2040 if fuel efficiency standards for automobiles are raised “well above 35 mpg.”

This, of course, renders false President George Bush’s assertion in April that regulating greenhouse-gases under the Clean Air Act “would have crippling effects on our entire economy.” This is the edited version of the EPA’s recommendations — the original, which was sent to the White House in an email the administration refused to open, was much tougher, according to EPA officials.

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See Wonk Room and Warming Law for more, or download the first 150 pages of the draft, which the Wonks have graciously posted: Part one and two [PDFs].

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