The latest from Bali: On Saturday, a draft text was produced suggesting that developed nations cut emissions between 25 and 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020. The U.S. and Japanese delegations were displeased; by Monday, that target was reportedly dropped. Sen. John Kerry paid a visit to assure delegates, “I am convinced the politics of 2009 in the United States are going to be just night and day, different from where we have been before.” A faction of finance ministers and a troop of trade ministers gathered to discuss their specific interest in climate change issues. A Canadian environmental group says a leaked federal document shows that Canadian negotiators are under explicit instruction to demand that developing nations sign onto any emissions-reduction targets that developed nations agree to. The chief executives of 13 auto companies pledged support for negotiations, saying vaguely, “We think it vital that they work towards the kind of comprehensive agreement that our planet needs.” Canada announced it would donate $7.5 million to an adaptation fund. And CNN has packed up and left Bali, due to “a probable lack of significant news.” Guess there were no celeb sightings.

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