British Columbia has just joined Schwarzenegger’s Western Regional Climate Action Initiative, which is meant …

… to identify, evaluate and implement ways to collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region and to achieve related co-benefits. The initiative requires partners to set an overall regional goal to reduce emissions, develop a market-based, multi-sector mechanism to help achieve that goal, and participate in a cross-border greenhouse gas (GHG) registry.

O Canada

That’s B.C., California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and Arizona working together on the West Coast.

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Add to that Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, involved in the Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

That’s 17 states and a province. If I had a research assistant to do the math, I’d tell you how many people that represents and really wow you.

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The ground is shifting under the feds’ feet. It won’t be long now until the majority of U.S. citizens live in states that are implementing greenhouse-gas regulations.

My question is: which Southern governor is going to get the stones to start one of these down in Dixie?