Check out this cool new site, BigThink. It’s a collection of short video interviews with notable or famous people, asking them a series of common questions. Strangely addictive.

The environment section is fairly anemic thus far (the site just launched a few weeks ago), but you can watch Mitt Romney, Dennis Kucinich, John McCain, and Bill Richardson all answering the question, Is ethanol overhyped? (Hint: Cellulosic! Cellulosic!)

Also, I really like Gillian Caldwell, exec. director of Witness, on whether climate change is a human rights issue. [UPDATE: I’m told Caldwell is no longer with Witness, but is now heading up 1Sky. Cool.]

Inexplicably, BigThink doesn’t allow you to embed the videos on your own site. Psst, fellas: It’s 2008. Get with the program.

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