In his first major speech on the environment, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has suggested that Britain could aim to cut its greenhouse-gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. To accomplish said goal, Brown promised that all new dwellings in Britain will be zero-carbon by 2016, and that free insulation, low-energy light bulbs, and efficient appliances will be distributed widely to homes over the next few years. He wants to eliminate plastic bags and source 40 percent of British energy from renewables by 2020. He also said that the climate crisis will spur a “technological revolution” and announced a summit to explore how to maximize economic opportunities in a low-carbon future. Brown also encouraged nations meeting in Bali in December to agree on binding emissions caps for all developed countries. “I know this means facing up to hard choices and taking tough decisions,” he said. “That means governing, not gimmickry.” Uh oh, George — he’s on to you.