California officials are aiming to spur development of less-toxic chemicals as safer alternatives to widely used toxics and will today unveil their proposals to kick-start the “green chem” revolution. One idea that’s not included on the list of over 800 proposals is additional bans or restrictions on the use of toxic chemicals. Instead, ideas range from grants for R&D to beefing up consumer-protection laws to changing the enforcement system and training more green chemists. California eco-groups were generally hopeful, but said the state needs to do more to decrease citizens’ toxic-chemical exposure. “We applaud the process, but there’s not enough detail in there to applaud the policy,” said Dan Jacobson of Environment California. “These proposals aren’t going to reduce people’s exposures to dangerous chemicals.” Exposure to toxics costs California residents an estimated $2.6 billion a year in lost wages and medical expenses, according to a recent study. In July, final recommendations will be sent to Gov. Schwarzenegger.