Obama gets buttonholed by a planted ABEC coal shill:

Nothing he says here is particularly objectionable. The priority on reducing CO2 emissions is welcome. It is true that if we can figure out a way to cost-effectively sequester coal emissions, it will bring some benefit.

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More important, though, is what’s not said. He says we can’t emit more CO2, but he stops short of calling for a moratorium on dirty coal plants with no sequestration. (He says he won’t “license or encourage” them. Hm …)

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And he tip-toes around the central question about clean-coal: at what price? How many subsidies and tax breaks will we offer to the coal industry relative to what we spend on other climate measures? The ding against clean coal is all about opportunity costs.

Nonetheless, there isn’t a lot of daylight on this issue between him and Clinton, and I seriously doubt McCain has the same grasp of the particulars or the same concern.

(h/t GreyFlcn)