House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair John Dingell (D-Mich.) has been saying for months now that a climate bill from his committee is on the way. Yesterday he talked about his pending legislation to industry folks, promising it would be friendlier to their interests than the Senate bill that failed last week:

Dingell told the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association, the auto supplier trade association, at a luncheon on Capitol Hill Wednesday that the climate bill he was working on would be a “balanced, decent, sensible piece of legislation.” Passing a climate bill “is not only a matter of almost supreme technical difficulty,” Dingell said, “but it is a matter of extraordinary political concern, as the Senate found out.”

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Dingell said that industry and labor would have to work together to get a climate bill they could live with. “The environmentalists and others — including the do-gooders — who care relatively little about your industry are able to be quite frankly outshouted,” Dingell told the auto supplier group. “The rightness of your cause is not necessarily measured by the volume of your voice.”

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