Still glowing after racking up three more decisive primary victories in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., Barack Obama today is giving a major speech on the economy at a General Motors plant in Wisconsin. Stay tuned to Grist for the green take. Hillary Clinton made a less ballyhooed speech at a GM plant in Maryland on Monday, where she emphasized the importance of hybrid vehicles and spoke repeatedly about the promise of green-collar jobs. She also talked up green jobs at a big rally in El Paso, Texas, last night. “[W]hy don’t we get smart and start creating our own energy?” she asked. “We have the sun; we have the wind; we can grow the products; we can turn what we have here in Texas into the energy of the future. … And, if we do it right, we will begin to deal with the problem of global warming, which is a real problem that has to be attacked.” John McCain, who won all three Potomac primaries on the GOP side, didn’t mention the environment in his speech last night.