barb.jpgMy brother Dave lives in Minneapolis and has been interviewing RNC delegates. Here is Barb Davis White in her own words (audio stream here):

White: My name is Barb Davis White and I’m running for the 5th Congressional District against Keith Ellison for the United States House of Representatives, which is called Congress.

Romm: Where are you on global warming?

White: Well, global warming really has not been proven. There are 30,000 scientists, including Al Gore’s professor, from Princeton, who says that we are now in a cooling stage. And ev-every — also every other climate that has been warmed had better grapes.

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Romm: So you don’t believe in global warming and you don’t think that people caused it.

White: No, I think global warming is a scam. I think it’s a scam to put taxes — more taxes on us, and it’s called carbon taxes. Our environment has never been so clean, and if we want to push global warming, let’s push it on China, where the smog is so thick that you almost need a helmet to breathe. Let’s push it on Africa and see how they adapt to it, because they’re not going to.

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That is frighteningly incoherent, even for a would-be GOP representative. Is this really the best person Republicans can find in Minneapolis? Or, perhaps that’s who they are recruiting. So you don’t end up totally depressed, there’s a second interview at the end with a DNC delegate who is a Minneapolis City Council member. So, yes, the Twin Cities have some sane politicians.

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