Word from the front: fierce resistance from the usual suspects has resulted in compromise amendments hacking the 20 percent standard to 15 percent, while allowing states the option of meeting up to 4 percent through energy efficiency. This is a strategic retreat that has supporters optimistic, though by no means certain of eventual victory.

House is in recess right now over an Ag bill kerfluffle. No word yet on the critical solar investment tax credit.

Update [2007-8-3 17:40:22 by Adam Browning]:

The extension of the federal solar tax credit should be heard on the House Floor Saturday, and Big Oil is rallying the opposition to kill solar as we speak. It will be an extremely tight vote – tight like a noose – and we need you to call your Representative right now.

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The situation is this. Earlier this year, House leadership committed to ‘pay as you go’–that is, any new tax incentives must be balanced by getting rid of existing incentives. In this case, that means paying for renewable energy programs by reducing tax cuts for oil production. That’s all good right? In a time of record profits for Big Oil, an approaching climate crisis and energy security scaring us all, why not reduce oil profits to help bring solar into the mainstream?

Unfortunately, the Republican leadership is holding the line on keeping subsidies for Big Oil, while some Democrats in oil districts haven’t gotten the message that the public is tired of business as usual and wants a real commitment to renewables.

If this is important to you, call your Representative and tell them to support HR 2776 right now. Enter your zipcode here to find your Rep and give them a call.

Tell them:

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* I live in Representative _______’s district

* Please support HR2776, the tax title of the Energy Bill

* if they tell you they are already supportive, then thank them profusely!

* If not, tell them…

* I support reducing tax cuts for fossil fuels to support renewable energy

* We are at a turning point to create a secure economy and stop a climate crisis with more renewable energy. The people are in favor of this change and all our politicians need to get on board – or they’ll be pushed out of the way.

Act now, time is short and we need these votes! Solar is a non-partisan issue, and we need you to keep it that way.