Congress revisits issue of feds messing with climate science

You’ve seen this show before, but now it’s bigger, longer, and uncut: a heated hearing in Congress has exposed dark truths about federal interference with climate science. Brandishing more than 180 examples of doubt-injecting edits made to three climate reports, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform grilled some of the key keep-it-quiet players. Grillees included oil-shill-turned-White-House-official-turned-oil-shill Philip Cooney and former Bush campaigner and NASA press officer George Deutsch, who resigned when his resume proved fake. Can you feel the trust and goodwill welling up? Top NASA scientist James Hansen also testified, calling the “not constitutional” editing and review process an attempt to confuse the public. While Cooney and Deutsch-bag acknowledged their roles, they pleaded the faith: “When I came to the White House,” Cooney said, “my sole loyalties were to the president and his administration.” Who, of course, are all about the truth.