Despite an ongoing drought, and despite a recent court ruling that removes Atlanta’s right to much of a heavily relied-upon water source, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue is lifting a near-total ban on garden watering and swimming-pool filling in the state. “Swim, kids, swim,” said Perdue, who didn’t announce a start date for the eased restrictions. City and county governments, which are mandated by the state to reduce water use by 10 percent, can still choose to enforce stricter regulations. “We’re saying we’re serious about conservation. On the other hand, we’re saying we’re going to let this [sector] use more water over the summer,” says a confused commissioner in Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management. “I’m concerned about mixed messages here.” Perdue disagrees. “I think Georgians have done their part,” he says, adding, “I’m trusting people to do the right thing.” Brave man.