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In a live webcast tonight, former vice president Al Gore and Energy Action Coalition head Jessy Tolkan implored young voters to get out the vote and push for action on both the climate crisis and energy independence.

Gore emphasized the need for young people to stay involved after the election to ensure that politicians live up to environmental promises made during the campaign. And he renewed his “Repower America” call to move the country to 100 percent renewable energy in the next decade.

“It’s really important to hold elected officials accountable for what they do. This is your chance to make it clear that you’re going to get involved, you’re going to vote on the basis of this agenda, and you’re going to hold elected officials accountable,” he said.

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Tolkan underlined that point, speaking on behalf of young voters engaged on this issue.

“Young people have a brand new vision for this country,” said Tolkan. “Young people know that coal and oil and nuclear have dominated our energy policy for too long, and it’s time that our officials on the state, local, and national level stand up to the occasion.”

Here’s video of the event:

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