Davis Poised to Sign a Series of Pro-Environment Bills

California Gov. Gray Davis (D) seems to be experiencing a green awakening as he campaigns aggressively against a recall. He is expected to sign a number of environmental bills in the coming days, despite opposition from major business interests in the state. One controversial, groundbreaking bill would add a recycling fee onto the price of new computers and televisions sold in the state. Davis has also signaled support for bills that would prevent oil spills, crack down on air pollution from agriculture, force old refineries and power plants to upgrade pollution-control equipment, and more. Today Davis and the governors of Oregon and Washington state are scheduled to announce a new partnership to fight global warming. Davis seems more willing to take political risks on environmental initiatives now that he’s anxious to sew up the green vote. “The dynamics of the recall help us,” said Mark Murray of the environmental group Californians Against Waste.