Christie Whitman does the rounds criticizing Republican radicalism

Ex-EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman’s new book It’s My Party Too is out now, and she is having her moment of media ubiquity, bashing what she calls the increasing extremism of the Republican Party. In interviews and appearances on such commie-pinko outlets as NPR’s “Fresh Air” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” Whitman is revealing some of the details behind her decision to bail on her thankless job in 2003. The final straw, she says, was when it became clear that the White House was going to get behind weakened rules on power-plant emissions. Because she couldn’t sign off on such regs “in good conscience,” she left. She also dishes some juicy gossip (in her buttoned-up, patrician way) about Cheney’s monomaniacal energy task force, the administration’s torpedoing of chemical-plant safety regulations, and Bush’s decision to reverse his campaign pledge on regulating CO2 emissions. Naturally, she’s being savaged. “I expected criticism, but I’m surprised at how personal the attacks are,” she said, raising doubts as to just how well she knows her party after all.