Pro-drilling Alaska rep aims to punish anti-drilling Washington senators

In the august halls of government, an unwritten rule has been passed down over the years: If the other kids play mean, don’t invite them over. Alaska state Rep. Kurt Olson (R) has sponsored a resolution in the Alaska legislature to end a ferry service that carts about 30,000 people a year between Alaska and Washington state. Olson admits his move is mainly symbolic, intended to put pressure on Washington Sens. Maria Cantwell (D) and Patty Murray (D), who oppose drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. “If you don’t support us in what we have going, we have to look at how we are supporting you,” said state Rep. Mark Neuman (R), a resolution cosponsor. Through a spokesperson, Cantwell stressed that Washington lawmakers are rubber, and Alaska lawmakers are glue, and what bounces off the former will stick to the latter.