Five western states form regional climate-change partnership

Citing a federal leadership void, the governors of five western U.S. states have formed a regional partnership to cut greenhouse gases and fight climate change. The Western Regional Climate Action Initiative, which includes Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and New Mexico, will create a regional target for cuts over the next six months and a market-based plan for meeting the goal within 18 months. Like the Northeast’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the partnership “shows the power of states to lead our nation addressing climate change,” says California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), whom we just want to hug. “Western states are being particularly hard-hit by the effects of climate change,” says Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) pitifully. What the heck, we’ll hug her too. With British Columbia expressing interest in the pact and the middle of the country caught in the squeeze, some expect businesses to beg even louder for national standards. Mr. Void, are you listening?