Of all the drinking games I have ever proposed (Note to self: Do I have a drinking game problem? Nah, I can quit anytime), the one for election day coverage this year is certainly the most likely to leave you unconscious on the floor for the longest period of time:

Take one shot every time you hear the word “historic.”

This can’t miss no matter who wins.

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My main concern is that political junkies watching CNN or MSNBC starting in the morning may not make it out to vote at all. PJs, then, might subsitute in beer — unless you are doing GOTV or poll work, in which case start with Red Bull.

If you can really hold your liquor, add another shot every time somebody says “Bradley Effect” — unless of course they are using the term in a positive fashion, as in “McCain’s victory certainly confirms the Bradley effect.” In that case, finish off your bottle and put yourself out on the spot.

I think I will be live blogging the election from the afternoon on at HuffingtonPost.com — more on that later.

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