Hm, what did I miss?

Looks like Obama kept up his streak. He swept the Potomac Primary of Va., Md., and D.C., along with Maine. Hawaii and Wisc. are coming up on Tues., and in the latter at least Obama’s recently taken the lead. (How come nobody’s polling in Hawaii?) He’s enjoyed a run of new high-profile endorsements (BREAKING: not Gore’s yet!). He’s looking ahead at highly advantageous territory right up through March 4, and could possibly end up sweeping 10 states in a row. He’s already ahead in delegates. Clinton’s got everything riding on her Ohio/Texas firewall; until that she’s praying for superdelegate patience.

Speaking of Obama, he went after McCain on climate change, and he did so specifically on the basis of supporting 100 percent permit auctions. That’s a somewhat subtle marker to those who don’t know much about the issue, and it’s going to take time to massage it into the body media. It is fantastic that Obama’s getting started.

Speaking of McCain, he said he hadn’t seen Obama’s climate plan (clearly an issue he cares deeply about) and continued to deny that his cap-and-trade program included a mandatory cap. He could be lying or he could be confused about the policy; it’s hard to think of what the third option might be.

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Speaking of McCain some more, he got the endorsement and delegates of Mitt Romney, who left the race because he “simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.” Opposing John McCain: the New Terrorism.

And finally, a longtime Congressional Blue Dog Dem, machine pol, corrupt hack, and dirty energy ally named Al Wynn (Md.) was beaten in a primary by an outspoken progressive by the name of Donna Edwards. The margin of victory was enormous and the message fairly clear — this is not an ordinary year. Corporate suck-upitude isn’t going to cut it.

Some non-political stuff probably happened too.

Meanwhile, you’re no doubt wondering about my vacation! For those three of you (hi mom), read on.

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BoardingI was up in a condo on Mt. Hood for four days — it was buried under about 15 feet of snow, and the machines were digging the complex out as we arrived.

The first day we spent on Timberline, which is a fairly small mountain with mostly green and blue runs. It’s mainly notable for housing the lodge that posed for the outdoor shots in the movie The Shining. There hadn’t been any new snow in a few days, but it was warm, slushy, and forgiving.

The next three days we hit Meadows, a far superior and larger mountain with a greater variety of terrain. (I’d put it in the top five hills I’ve ever ridden.) We had one day of spring conditions, one day of new powder (mixed with lots of hidden, treacherous ice), and another day of soft, groomed powder. It could not have been more satisfying.

For the last four or five seasons, life has been keeping me from boarding; I’ve been out, generally, two or three times a year. Each time I try to make the most of it and head straight for the bowls and trees, hunting powder. Consequently, it’s been a long time since I just cruised down open or groomed runs. This week I spent a lot more time doing that, carving big wide turns, catching air, and hauling ass like I haven’t since the late ’90s. Christ on a popsicle stick it was awesome.

I had intended to get a couple days work done, but I kept getting pulled to the hill by the awesomeness. And then there were the beers afterwards, and the hot tub, and the huge homemade meals, and the whiskey … I just couldn’t quite bring myself to crack the laptop.

I suppose over this next week I’ll stop dreaming about picking lines and start dreaming about the primaries again. Sigh.

(You like my burly board?)