Sounds like they’ve called the Iowa caucuses. Huckabee’s the huge winner on the R side, with Romney an anemic second. Obama got a very narrow win on the D side (35%), with Edwards and Clinton effectively tied for second with 31%.

Interestinger and interestinger.

UPDATE: OK, the final looks like 37% Obama, 30% Edwards, and 29% Clinton. Clinton only won a single age group: 65+ Obama overwhelmingly won the under-30 crowd, which turned out in record numbers. The total turnout for the Dem side caucuses was something like 230,000, more than twice the previous record. On the R side it was something like 108,000. It’s clear where the enthusiasm is this year.

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Of course, it’s always worth mentioning how absurd it is that our candidates are effectively chosen for us by a tiny number of grossly unrepresentative white, rural voters in Iowa, NH, and SC.

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UPDATE: Doddmentum!

Senator Barack Obama : 37.58%
Senator John Edwards : 29.75%
Senator Hillary Clinton : 29.47%
Governor Bill Richardson : 2.11%
Senator Joe Biden : 0.93%
Uncommitted : 0.14%
Senator Chris Dodd : 0.02%
Precincts Reporting: 1781 of 1781

UPDATE: Worth noting: Both tonight’s winners support a carbon cap-and-trade system. I’m pretty sure that’s what shaped tonight’s Iowa results. Ahem.

UPDATE: Dodd and Biden are both out. Gravel’s staying in. No word from Kucinich.

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