Six former EPA chiefs tell Bush to cap and cut greenhouse gases

Six former heads of the U.S. EPA — including five Republicans — have blasted the Bush administration for failing to act on global warming. In an unprecedented united front, the ex-chiefs, gathered yesterday to commemorate the agency’s 35th anniversary, agreed that debating the extent to which climate change is a human-caused phenomenon (a favorite Bushy pastime) is pointless. They want federally regulated carbon caps and cuts. Current EPA head Stephen Johnson defended Bush policies, but the panel wasn’t biting. “This is not a sort of short-term cycle problem. This is a major disaster for the world,” said Russell E. Train, EPA boss under Presidents Nixon and Ford. “To say we’ll deal with it later and try to push it away is dishonest to the people, and self-destructive.” Man, the commie pinkos are getting to everybody.