Because too much Roberts is never enough:

What seems like a million years ago (I’ll never get used to paper media schedules), I wrote a review of Van Jones’ new book The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems for In These Times. It’s up now, with the somewhat unfortunate headline "It’s Not Easy Becoming Green." (Note to eco-headline writers: no more Kermit references; no more inconvenient-anything references; no more "green is the new X.") Of course you’ll want to read every scintillating word, but the basic thrust is, Van Jones in person is an unbelievable dynamo who’s reshaping the political landscape in extraordinary ways; Van Jones in his book is rather flat and prosaic. With a few exceptions, it’s difficult to hear the former’s voice in the latter.

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In other Roberts news, I appeared on the Liberal Oasis radio show while I was in D.C., discussing prospects for green legislation in coming years. My mellifluous tones and perspicacious insights are available via a variety of electronic delivery options: iTunes / XML feed / MP3. You should subscribe to the podcast — host Bill Scher is a top notch thinker and communicator.

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