I have nothing pithy to add to this story, but only because the inanity of the quotes is so hard to top.

From Restructuring Today ($ub req’d) (my emphasis on the good bits):

Bush touts climate accomplishments of his administration
March 6, 2008

Contrary to popular opinion, America is in the lead on global climate change and clean energy technology, President George Bush told the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference in the nation’s capital yesterday.

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“Since I’ve been the president, the federal government spent more than $12 billion to research, develop, and promote alternative energy sources,” said Bush. The private sector is chipping in on its own as well, he added.

Bush sees the biggest opportunities for change in energy use to promote security and to cut emissions in the power and transportation sectors.

On the transportation side, Bush is big on renewable fuels, having signed the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and pushing his “20 in 10” proposal to cut gasoline use 20 percent in 10 years. The administration is also investing in plug-in hybrids so that city people can drive using electricity for the first 40 miles.

On the electric industry side, Bush is a big proponent of nuclear energy. “If you’re interested in economic growth and environmental stewardship, there’s no better way to achieve both of them than through the promotion of nuclear power,” said the president. “Nuclear power is limitless.” France gets 80 percent of its power from nuclear, noted Bush, and his administration has been cutting down barriers to plant construction in the US and investing over $300 million in the industry.

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The Energy Policy Act of 2005 chopped through regulatory barriers and tried to ease the risk for the industry — in part through $18 billion in loan guarantees, said Bush. Since that bill, applications for six plants were filed and the Administration expects another 13 this year.

Wind power grew 300 percent since November 2001, he added, and was responsible for 20 percent of the growth in capacity last year. “I met some of the wind boys,” said Bush. “They’re excited about the opportunities in the US market — and they should be, because this new technology is taking hold.”

The electricity deregulation bill Bush signed as Governor of Texas sparked that state’s rise to the top of the wind production heap in the US.

The federal government spent a billion dollars on solar power during his term, and that contributed to a 32 percent growth in installations, said Bush.

Tomorrow, I’m told, Bush will be touting his successful elimination of all disease, completion of a lasting peace in the Middle East, and the triple-double he racked up against the Lakers while none of the left-wing liberal media were watching.