Repower America, a project of Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, unveiled a new ad campaign targeting senators in key states to win support for clean energy legislation to create green jobs.  The ads feature testimonials from elected leaders, small business owners, union workers and farmers who advocate for clean energy job creation in their respective states.

The new Repower America television spots will start airing in Indiana and Maine later this week on local and network affiliates, and run for three weeks. 

The Indiana ad urges Hoosiers to reach out to their Senators, Democrat Evan Bayh and Republican Richard Lugar, to urge their support for clean energy legislation that would “create up to 45,000 clean energy jobs for Hoosier workers.” 

The Maine spot targets Republican Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, urging them to repower Maine with clean energy, create green jobs, and “lead the country’s clean energy future.”

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Next week, Repower America will also air customized ads in Arkansas and Missouri targeting Sens. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

The ads appear to be designed primarily to apply pressure on conservative democratic senators in these states.  They were created by Al Gore’s advocacy group the Climate Protection Action Fund.

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As Sam Stein at Huffington Post points out:

The spots are reminiscent of the traditional ads run by Repower America, the initiative that is tucked into Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection. But the direct naming of Democrats is a more aggressive tactic for the group.

Check out the first two ads below:

Indiana spot:


Maine spot: