As you contemplate the House Republican spectacle today, wherein they protest the "Democrat five-week vacation" in the face of high gas prices, keep a few things in mind.

The 109th Congress — the first session of Bush’s second term — worked the least, and accomplished the least, of any Congress since the original do-nothing Congress of 1948. The Republicans totally botched it when they ran the place. Meanwhile, the 110th has worked its tail off, in the face of historic Republican obstructionism.

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These Republican heroes of the proletariat? Here are some of their previous votes this session:

Rep. John Boehner, Republican Leader NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Rep. Roy Blunt, Republican Whip NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Rep. Adam Putnam, Republican Conference Chairman NO NO NO NO NO NO
Rep. McCotter, Republican Policy Committee Chairman NO NO NO NO NO
Rep. Kay Granger, Republican Conference Vice Chair NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Rep. John Carter, Republican Conference Committee Secretary NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Rep. Tom Cole, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Rep. Eric Cantor, Republican Chief Deputy Whip NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
Rep. David Dreier, Rules Committee Ranking Republican NO NO NO NO NO NO
  HR 6578 HR 6515 HR 6251 HR 6346 HR 6049 HR 6074 HR 6052 HR 6

Here’s a few more of the opportunities Republicans have had to act, from Nancy Pelosi’s blog:

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Congressional Action on Gas Prices & Energy Independence
Veto Threat Consumer Energy Supply Act (H.R. 6578),
Failed to receive 2/3 support on July 24, 2008; 268-157 (Dem: 231-0, Rep. 37-198)
Veto Threat Drill Responsibly in Leased Lands (DRILL) Act (H.R. 6515),
Failed to receive 2/3 support on July 17, 2008; 244-173 (Dem: 218-11, Rep. 26-162)
Passed Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act (H.R. 6052),
Passed: June 26, 2008; 322-98 (Dem: 231-0, Rep: 91-98)
Passed Energy Markets Emergency Act (H.R. 6377),
Passed: June 26, 2008; (Dem: 232-0, Rep: 170-19)
Now Law Farm Bill with Historic Investment in Affordable Biofuels and Beefed Up Oversight on Market Manipulation (HR 2419)
President’s Veto Overridden: May 21, 2008; 316-108 (Dem: 216-14, Rep: 100-94)
Veto Threat Renewable Energy and Jobs Act (HR 6049)
Passed: May 21, 2008; 263-160 (Dem: 228-1, Rep: 35-159)
Veto Threat Gas Price Relief for Consumers Act, Holding OPEC and Oil Companies Accountable for Price Fixing (HR 6074)
Passed: May 20, 2008; 324-84 (Dem: 221-2 Rep: 103-82)
Now Law Strategic Petroleum Reserve Fill Suspension and Consumer Protection Act (HR 6022)
Passed: May 13, 2008; 385-25 (Dem: 223-0, Rep: 162-25)
Veto Threat Repeal Profit-Rich Big Oil Companies, Invest in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (HR 5351)
Passed: February 27, 2008; 236-182 (Dem 219-8, Rep: 17 174)
Now Law Energy Independence Law with Market Manipulation Ban & New Vehicle Mileage Standards (HR 6)
Passed: December 18, 2007; 314-100 (Dem: 219-4, Rep: 95-96)
Now Law America COMPETES Act with Energy Research & Development of Clean Energy Technologies (HR 2272)
Passed: August 2, 2007; 367-57 (Dem: 224-1, Rep: 143-56)
Veto Threat Crack Down on Gas Price Gouging (HR 1252)
Passed: May 23, 2007; 284-141 ( Dem: 228-1, Rep: 56-140)
Veto Threat Hold OPEC Accountable for Oil Price Fixing (HR 2264)
Passed: May 22, 2007; 345-72 (Dem: 220-5, Rep: 125-67)

Now, suddenly, a five-day vacation is too much. Why it’s the Boston Tea Party all over again.