Looks like Obama has won Maine in something of a blowout. This was a state that was widely expected to go to Clinton, and in which she had a commanding lead in the polls through late last year. At this point she’s got to be wishing everyone could just go to sleep until the Texas primary. On the bright side, she’s got a very, very narrow lead in New Mexico, with 99% reporting.

In other rumorish news, it suuure sounds like Colin Powell’s getting ready to endorse Obama:

UPDATE: Also, I forgot to mention that Huckabee not only won Kansas but took Louisiana as well. The Washington GOP called its caucus for McCain with 17% of the votes outstanding and less than 2% separating McCain and Huckabee. (This is not the first Wash. GOP vote counting fiasco.) Huckabee is now lawyering up and mounting a full-scale protest. This could get good.

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Also, sounds like Edwards is going to endorse soon.

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