Bush administration launches cartoon conservation campaign

With gas prices already skyrocketing and home heating costs expected to follow, the Bush administration yesterday unveiled a long-term clean-energy and conservation program. Oh, wait, did we say “long-term clean-energy and conservation program”? What we meant was “cartoon character.” Yes, yesterday the Department of Energy (working with consumer group Alliance to Save Energy) introduced a campaign featuring Energy Hog, a sneering swine in leather jacket and jeans who will join McGruff the Crime Dog and Woodsy Owl in the pantheon of animated mascots failing to solve national problems. Energy Hog will offer Americans a fun, funny, and positive role model as they strive to … hog energy? No, wait. He’ll be featured on billboards, in magazine ads, and in public-service radio announcements sent to about 4,500 radio stations nationwide, giving advice on how to save energy at home and gas in cars. Remember: give an oink, don’t, uh … waste energy!