Rush wonders how magnets work. (Image by Chris Piascik.)

Rush Limbaugh said something dumb again, but this time it was about energy, so we figured we’d link to it. Here it is.

It is important to note, however, that Limbaugh is an obnoxious person who is a pioneer in trolling via radio. The less frequently one encounters his name and the things he’s said, the happier one’s life. This is a scientifically proven fact. A Google search for “condemn Limbaugh” returns 1.4 million results, which seems low.

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If you’re going to click that link to see what stupid, obnoxious thing Rush Limbaugh said while rubbing his greasy hands together and drooling into a microphone, you should also check out, which asks advertisers on Limbaugh’s shows to reconsider. After all, someone gives him the money for his cigars and houses and wives (he’s up to four!) — and should probably be pretty embarrassed about having done so.

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If, however, you’d rather not hear Limbaugh’s voice (who can blame you!), here is a video of a really tiny puppy playing with a tennis ball set to ragtime music.

The Limbaugh comment is basically the exact same, except the puppy is an unpleasant-looking man who calls himself “El Rushbo” and the ball is America’s mental health and the ragtime music is farts.