This evening, Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius will give the Democratic rejoinder to Bush’s SOTU speech. There has been quite a bit of speculation — here on Grist, among other places — about Sebelius’ possible fitness as a VP candidate.

Via Ezra, this actual Kansan blogger throws cold water on the notion. Particularly concerning:

Her appointee, Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Rod Bremby (a friendly acquaintance/source of mine), rejected two proposed coal plants on global warming grounds. Indeed, that action is the one that seems to have sparked the most recent round of praise for her.

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Except, whoops, it seems like she might now be trying to work out a compromise on that one. Given the either-or nature of that particular debate — either coal plants get built, or they don’t — it’s hard to see how a "compromise" would be anything other than "backing down."

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Hm. Reading over the linked article, it is indeed tough to figure out exactly what the compromise is supposed to consist in:

Sunflower spokesman Steve Miller also wouldn’t comment about the substance of the discussions but added, "I believe there’s just an air of cooperation going on."

Well, I’m not a fan of an "air of cooperation" with Big Coal, but I supposed I’ll wait and see just what the deal is before I pass judgment. How un-bloggy!

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