Senate Republicans have released their energy (and, of course, jobs!) plan. It contains exactly what you expect.

Like, literally. Say it with me: More drilling! Less regulation! Attacks on the president! They claim this is leading on the issue, which I guess is leadership, in the insanity-means-doing-same-thing-and-expecting-different-result sense of leadership, which is not a sense of leadership.

Oh, by the way? They are literally calling this thing DEJA.

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They are calling it DEJA. As in, deja vu, the sense one gets when feeling one has lived a life event before. Are we experiencing DEJA vu here, America? Yes. That is what is happening.

On the plus side, as a colleague noted, this at least suggests that Republicans are newly willing to embrace the French language. Or perhaps it is simply a sign that there is a glitch in the Matrix, that those who create the reality of our world have tweaked something to our detriment.

Which might just be the only way this stale package of legislation would pass.

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