I’m moving this to a separate thread. I’m trying to track news coverage of SIU events — most of which is popping up in local and regional newspapers. If you know of a story I haven’t got here, leave it in comments — I’ll be updating.

Forthwith: Coverage of Step It Up events in Annapolis, Md., the Hudson Valley, all across Maine, Chicago, Pennsylvania, the Adirondack Mountains, Michigan, Florida, Southern California, Notre Dame, several Conn. towns, Colorado College, Louisville, Ken., Rapid City, SD, Boston, Austin, Tex., Bear Mountain State Park, Princeton Univ., DesMoines, Iowa, New York, Pittburgh, Clemson Univ., Frankfort, Kentucky, Reno, Nev. (which got rained out), across the Berkshires, Schenectady (!), Pocatello,Idaho, Brownsville, Tex., and (wo0t!) Seattle.

Hm … this list would render my post completely redundant if any of the links worked. Is it just me who can’t get to any of the actual media reports?

Ah, here’s the NYT.

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