Mainstream media explores Bush administration eco-disregard

Searing indictment of the Bush administration’s environmental policies — it’s not just for bloggers anymore! Last week, Rolling Stone published “The Secret Campaign of President Bush’s Administration to Deny Global Warming,” about — well, you know. Not to be outdone, The Washington Post focused an installment of a series on Vice President Dick Cheney on the veep’s involvement in various incidents of eco-dicking. Cheney’s influence was indisputable in the relaxation of air-pollution regulations in 2003, says the Post, and in the 2001 deaths of tens of thousands of Oregon salmon when Klamath River water was diverted to irrigation. The paper says the veep also had a significant hand in the push to dispose of nuclear waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain; the rewrite of President Clinton’s roadless rule; and the lifting of a Clinton-era ban on snowmobiling in national parks. Indeed, Cheney’s reported response to the Klamath River issue says it all: “What does the law say? Isn’t there some way around it?”