Schwarzenegger promotes environmental advocate to Cabinet secretary

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) will elevate self-described tree hugger Terry Tamminen from his current position as environmental protection secretary to the more powerful position of Cabinet secretary, where he’ll serve as a liaison between the governor and department and agency heads. While Tamminen made decisions opposed at various times by the business and environmental communities in his tenure as head of the state EPA, he is respected by both sides, and particularly by the governator himself, who calls him “one of the jewels of my administration.” Tamminen, who formerly headed the environmental groups Santa Monica Baykeeper and Environment Now, makes no secret about his disdain for the oil economy — in fact, he’s at work on a book about it. Enviros had kind words for Tamminen upon hearing of his promotion, and they hope his replacement at Cal/EPA will be as eco-friendly.