Oh, this is just too good. The leader of the UK conservative party, David Cameron, has been bragging about his green credentials lately (remember, they’re sane in the UK, so they demand that all their leaders have green cred), and urging other MPs to change their personal behavior to demonstrate green values.


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David Cameron was forced to backtrack on his personal green credentials yesterday by admitting that he traveled to work by bicycle not to cut carbon emissions, but because he found it enjoyable.

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The Conservative leader had to switch tack after it emerged that his car followed him carrying briefing papers and his shoes on the days that he cycled from his Notting Hill home to Westminster.

Hee hee. But it gets better:

He said it was "absolute rubbish" to claim he had misled anyone by sending his car after him, adding that he had not been able to find a bag or pannier large enough to take his papers with him.

He also defended his choice of car – a hybrid Lexus emitting 186 grams of carbon per kilometre. He said it was less polluting than his previous government-provided Vauxhall and that the smaller Toyota Prius he had been offered – which emits only 104 grams of carbon per kilometre – was simply too small for him and his entourage when they travel around the country.

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He added that being green should not be seen as being all gloom and doom, or about making personal sacrifices.

He couldn’t find a bike bag big enough to carry his papers. In fact, a Prius isn’t even big enough to carry his papers. Dude’s got a lot of papers!