Today, 50 governors — if you’re counting, that’s all of them — sent a letter to Congress [PDF] asking that the tax credits for renewable energy be extended by at least five years:

Renewable energy plays an important role in our nation’s energy security, and governors have pioneered a wide array of innovative energy policies in their states. To supplement state efforts, governors support the development of federal tax incentives, including clean renewable energy bonds, to promote clean, secure, and affordable energy to fuel America’s future.

We also encourage Congress to continue to develop incentives for programs that help families and businesses use energy-efficient building techniques, materials, and equipment readily available in today’s market. Extending incentives for energy efficiency and conservation will slow the growth of future energy needs, minimize ratepayer costs, and lessen potential environmental impacts.

It’s always worth noting that climate and energy policy at the state level is vastly more bipartisan, sensible, and forward-looking that the nonsense we’re always seeing from the feds.

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