Members of mysterious energy task force finally revealed

You might want to sit down for this: the Bush administration’s national energy policy was heavily influenced by Big Industry. Shocking, we know. In 2001, a task force headed by Vice President Dick Cheney met with various entities to discuss energy policy; since then, the administration has battled to keep from saying who was involved. Finally, The Washington Post has acquired the names of some 300 interest groups and individuals who gave input, including electric utilities, natural-resource trade groups, and about 20 oil and gas companies. Green groups were lumped together into a single meeting, after the initial draft was nearly complete. It remains unclear why the Bushies fought to keep the list on the down low; after all, their priorities are hardly a secret. In other Cheney news: Spurred by an earlier piece in the Post, House Democrats plan to hold a hearing at the end of July to look into the veep’s role in policy moves that led to the massive die-off of Klamath River salmon in 2002.