The New York State Legislature has been debating a big solar program — the New York Solar Industry Development and Jobs Act would add 5 GW of solar to the state’s energy mix — but we’re getting to the homestretch on the legislative calendar, and it’s do-or-die time in Albany.

We’d like to send them a sign. A really big sign. Literally.

We, at Vote Solar, got space on an electronic billboard on the I-787 Interstate — practically the driveway of the Capitol. Can you help think of some chuckle-worthy messages that might generate a pro-solar buzz?

Let's give Albany a sign that NY should pass strong solar  legislation this year.

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To get your juices flowing, here’s our initial list of ideas (as suggested by our funnier friends):

When there is a huge solar energy spill, it’s just called “a nice day.”

Enough already with the fracking natural gas. Give solar a shot.

Solar Energy. The perfect combination of Woodstock and Wall Street

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

The Red Sox installed solar on their ball park. Just saying.

It’s the new energy economy, stupid.

The irony of the coal-powered billboard is not lost on us.

Solar: It’s actually a $30 billion global industry. Please do not tell the hippies.

NY Solar, what are you waiting for? A sign?

We could have a new energy economy for just 39 cents a month. Solar: It just makes cents.

Cost-effective solar energy is just around the corner … Really. This corner.

The sun’ll come out!  Tomorrow! You can bet $20 billion dollars in increased wages. That … tomorrow!  There’ll be sun!

Solar is 99.9% reliable in New York. You’re thinking of the moon-power panels. Those are useless.

Shovel Ready? You’re looking the wrong direction.

The Solar Industry does $1 billion a year of business in New Jersey.
I know. New freakin’ Jersey.

Don’t let 22,000 jobs be eclipsed by partisan politics.
Get it? Eclipse!

What about the huge, free nuclear power plant in the sky? What if we just used that?

Q: How many New Yorkers does it take to jumpstart a solar economy?
A: 22,198

Post suggestions in the comments. It’s an electronic billboard, so we get as many messages as we like.

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