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With John McCain in Nevada today promoting, among other things, his love of nuclear power, Sierra Club is circulating this video of McCain talking about nuclear waste.

McCain’s a proponent of using Yucca Mountain to dispose of the waste, and a lot of Nevadans don’t like that idea very much. In the video, though, he appears to say that despite his support of dumping in a neighboring state, he wouldn’t feel comfortable with nuclear waste traveling through his home state of Arizona on the way to Yucca. The highlighted part begins at 1:14:

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While McCain’s support of nuclear and dumping in Nevada is highly problematic, I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. It’s clear that he goes on to say that he thinks it can be made safe, and it appears that he simply didn’t understand the question. He seems to do this often — fail to answer the question posed to him. It seems more like he’s not listening than willfully evading the truth. But perhaps that’s too generous.