What with the Arctic Oscillation oscillating like mad thus making the developed world colder than a… Well, really cold. And with meteorologists across the country proving that talking about the weather for a living seems to make you less likely to understand climate. And with the American Farm Bureau sort of proving the same thing, it’s enough to make you realize that there are an awful lot of climate doubters out there.

So it’s time for a helpful reminder that the existence of anthropogenic climate change represents the consensus view, not just of climate scientists, but of all scientists in this country. And what does consensus look like, you may wonder? Thanks to the fantastic folks at Information is Beautiful, I can show you. Consensus looks like this:

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The group on the right are climatologists only. The lonely figure in the far right corner is the denier. That’s what virtual unanimity looks like. The group on the left represents people from any scientific field. That small group in the left corner are the deniers. At a big wedding, they’d take up a single table.  The data for the above image comes from this paper [PDF]. All together now: 90% of all published US scientists agree that human-induced climate change exists! I feel compelled to point out that Proctor and Gamble built an entire decades-long marketing campaign over even lower support among dentists for their toothpaste.

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